Thackerville Training
We offer a wide range of training options, they include:

Obedience Training: for your new pup.
We also have One on One training for the pups as well as the pup owners.

Gun Dog Training: getting pup ready for the field or duck blind.

Hunt Test Training: training the pup to compete in AKC and UKC hunt tests.

We will be in contact with you through-out the training proccess to tailor your dogs training to your needs. 
Obedience is the single most important element in establishing a good relationship between a dog and his owner. You never hear someone brag about their BAD dog.  A solid foundation in obedience can ensure your pets safety and make him/her more enjoyable. A responsible dog owner controls his/her dog in any situation, and effective control can only be obtained thru obedience training.
It is essential for all other type of training as well.  Before we start with any fieldwork your dog needs to know the basics. Here, sit, (same as stay)  down, heel (left or right heel your option) and how to greet guests (not jump on people).

Training time: 1 month  ($900.00)
We attend a full schedule of AKC and HRC events all over the South East United States and Wisconsin.  We run our dogs as well as client dogs. 
At the event we get pictures of your dog competing so you can hang them on the wall next to your ribbons.
Cost: $100.00 plus entry fee


In Obedience training a dog must wait while others work. This training carries over into Gun Dog and Hunt Test Training. It also carries over to having a well behaved family pet.
Gun Dog Training 
We change your obedient dog into a hunting companion you will be proud of. 
This training will ready your dog for a multitude of hunting situations.  Hunting dove in the millet fields, ducks on your favorite pond or chasing pheasant in a Midwest corn field your pup will be steady to the shot and will deliver the game to hand. 
This program includes Obedience training, single marked retrieve, force fetch, force hold, remote sit and honor.
Training time: 4 months  ($900.00 per month) 
Hunt Test Training Using the training listed above we move one step further in hunt test training. We prepare your dog for AKC and UKC hunt tests. 
If we have seen it at a hunt test it will be covered in this training. 
Training time: For a green dog (not trained)
JH test 4 months: single marked retrieve's
SH test 7 months: double marked retrieve's with a blind retrieve and honor
MH test 14 months minimum: multiple retrieves with blinds and distraction birds

If we have trained your dog to the Hunt level add:
1 month for JH
3 months for SH
10 months for MH
($900.00 per month)
"All dogs are different. Some will learn one lesson very quickly and have trouble with the next. This is why the evaluation is so important."
***Dogs coming into training must be current on all vaccinations and have a copy of their shot record at the time of delivery.
*** First month training fee ($900.00) and contact information for the owners are also due at this time.
When we get a dog in for Gun Dog/Hunt Test training we go through a 2 week evaluation period to see where the dog is in his/her training. At the end of the 2 week evaluation we will discus your dogs aptitude for training and give a better estimate of training time. 
Advanced Hunt Retriever Training This training is discussed one on one.
($900.00 per month)  
Training Grounds
We have over 7000 acres of training in Okeechobee and Martin County with over 30 ponds/lakes ranging from pot hole size to 5 acres.  With 3 of the ponds set up as technical ponds.   
                    Point pond 
This little pond is great for young dogs just starting out and for teaching older more advanced dogs to cross points. 
We teach swim by's, channel blinds and a host of other water drills in this 180' X 40' pond.
                                               Tech Pond 
This gem of a pond allows us a host of training scenarios.  We do water force, swim by's, crossing points, channel marks, channel blinds, de-cheating drills the list goes on forever on this stretch of water.  The training here is limited only by our imagination. 
New Pond