Daisy's Page

KOURTNEY'S WATERDAISY (JH) (WC) was born on Dec. 4th, 1998 in Lexington Kentucky on the farm of DMV Violet Lucky. 

Daisy is a family dog.  She is very well mannered and plays with our kids as well as all the other kids in the area.  She loves riding in the car even on long trips.  Her formal training is waterfowl hunting. At the age of 11 months she was making triple retrieves as well as short blind retrieves.  On May 6th 2000 Daisy competed for the first time. We entered her in the Mid Florida Golden Retriever Clubs Working Certificate Test. She was the only Lab to receive a WC that day.  Nov 4th and 5th   2000 we entered the Treasure Coast Retriever Clubs AKC Hunting Test Junior Division. Daisy passed both days and received two qualifying scores.  She received her JH and is now competing in the Master Division.